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Chic & Grace Studios is based in Red Deer, Alberta, travelling anywhere adventure & romance will take me! I specialize in Fine Art Wedding, Graduation & Pet Photography. 
I want to tell your story in a way that is natural, shows your emotion, and the beauty in simplicity, without feeling staged. 



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Troll Falls Engagement | Andrea & Mike | Kananaskis Wedding Photographer

Troll Falls Engagement.

Hiking into Trolls Falls, in the Kananaskis area for your engagement photos is an easy and beautiful walk. It’s such a beautiful area with no end to the perfect pockets of light and photo opportunities!  Bringing your fur baby just adds to it!  Couple things to keep in mind, bring rubber boots!  Even then some of us may have still get a boot full of water!  Kinda makes for a squishy walk out 🙂
Troll Falls Engagement_0001.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0002.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0011.jpg

Troll Falls Engagement_0004.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0005.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0006.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0007.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0008.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0009.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0010.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0012.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0013.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0014.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0015.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0016.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0017.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0018.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0019.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0020.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0021.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0022.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0023.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0024.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0025.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0026.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0027.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0028.jpg

Troll Falls Engagement_0032.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0030.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0031.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0033.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0034.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0035.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0036.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0037.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0038.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0039.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0040.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0041.jpg
Troll Falls Engagement_0029.jpg

October 30, 2017



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