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Chic & Grace Studios is based in Red Deer, Alberta, travelling anywhere adventure & romance will take me! I specialize in Fine Art Wedding, Graduation & Pet Photography. 
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Central Alberta Humane Society | Pet Calendar Contest | Red Deer Pet Photographer

For the past few years I have been fortunate enough to volunteer to help raise money for pets in need for the CAHS Pet Calendar Contest! Winners receive a free pet session with me and their favorite 3 digital images.  There are also more great prizes for 1st place voted & judged.  Don’t miss your chance this year, the contest is now live!   You can enter and see all the rules here.

While you are here check out what the calendar looked like last year. 🙂 You are not limited to furry friends either, in the past we have had a tortoise and hedgehogs too! Be sure to check out these other great sponsor’s from last year as well.

Calyx Floral Design

Pet Plan Pet Insurance

The Bone & Biscuit

Printing Place

Bear 1st Place Voted – Wins Cover
CAHS Pet Calendar Photo ContestKing Albert – Survivor Adoption Story

We adopted King Alberta from CAHumane in May 2017, he was diabetic & struggling to find a food he wanted to eat that would regulate his diabetes. The Humane Society took him into their care when he was found abandoned in a trailer with a few other kitties. We had never had a senior who was a diabetic but we were willing to take on the challenge if it meant he would be a part of our family. We are proud to say that King Albert is now in remission for his diabetes and as of May 2018, he has been insulin free for a year! Albert is a mama’s boy & everyone in our family adores him. We’re so very lucky that Albert chose us to be his people & are thankful everyday that we get to wake up to his quirky antics! He likes to run around the house meowing when he gets a burst of energy & we’re always together when we’re home. Albert even sleeps on our pillow, resting his head on his mama’s and he doesn’t go to sleep without goodnight kisses. A lot of people hesitate to adopt a senior but after having Albert in our lives, that may be all we adopt! Please remember to Adopt, Don’t Shop & take time to look at the animals that are scared, senior, or have health problems, because Albert is the best thing we have ever had!

CAHS Pet Calendar Photo Contest

Pinto – Photographer’s Pick

Pinto was my accidental adoption when he was left with me to watch for a week, that was four years ago! He’s quite the character, he loves sleeping & chasing the cat. He’s pretty laid back & lets me make him model for photos. He’s the sweetest prickle puss in the world. And really look at that face! 

CAHS Pet Calendar Photo Contest

January – Bear – 1st place Voted – Wins January as well as cover 🙂

My name is Bear and I am hoping to help other puppies and kitties that are in need of a home. My favorite things to do are go to the park, play fetch & go for car rides in my mommas Subaru.

CAHS Pet Calendar Photo Contest

February – Jeffery – 6th Place Judged

We adopted Jeffrey P. from CAHumane in September 2017. Since then he has become an irreplaceable member of the family, we love him so much. Jeffrey loves going to the dog park & playing with other fur friends. He loves to snuggle & be close to both his parents whenever possible. 

CAHS Pet Calendar Photo Contest

March – Kodos – 3rd Place Judged

After surgery for an unknown injury that damaged his eye, Kodos was adopted from CAHumane. It’s taken 2 years for full recovery but now he is healthy & happier than ever before. His pastimes include playing with his upstairs roommates, a dog named Jim Morrison & a cat named Led Zeppelin, cuddling with everyone who comes into the house, playing with empty kinder eggs, cuddling, & lots of other fun activities!

CAHS Pet Calendar Photo Contest

April – Obi Bun Kenobi – 4th Place Judged

Obi was adopted when my friend who works at a PetSmart sent me his picture. Knowing that we wanted to adopt another Rabbit, she just had to contact me. He was surrendered by his previous owner & is starting to trust us more with every day that we spend with him. He loves treats, cuddles & best of all is littered trained. I’m glad that we took on 8+ year commitment & adopted our fluffy boy.

CAHS Pet Calendar Photo Contest

 May – Piper – 5th Place Voted

Piper is a Sheltie with a sassy attitude! She lives for the off-leash dog park and loves to meet every dog in her sight! She is her mom’s best company while she is in college to become a Vet Tech. Piper loves getting her photo taken & loves every small animal, especially her sister Molly.

CAHS Pet Calendar Photo Contest

June – Jake – 2nd Place Judged

Jake, our resident pet therapy dog, is a valuable part of our team at Central AB Sexual Assault Support Centre. The difference he makes with clients is immediately noticeable. He is the first friendly face clients see when they enter the building & is often at the top of the stairs, wagging his tail, letting visitors know this is a safe & healing place. Jake greets all clients & accompanies them into their sessions as a supportive friend, close by for a pet, reassurance & comfort.

CAHS Pet Calendar Photo Contest

July – Diesel – 6th Place Voted

Diesel is a 50 lb lap dog. He is, without question, the cutest & most fun member of the family. His favorite pastimes are wrecking almost everything, playing in the sprinkler, & running as fast as he can at the dog park. Diesel has been the best addition to our family.

CAHS Pet Calendar Photo Contest

August – Beckett – 4th Place Voted

Beckett is a 3 year old Seal Point Ragdoll. She loves napping outside on her harness & she absolutely loves freeze dried chicken. Bird watching is a daily pastime of hers along with chasing the red dot. She doesn’t like to brag, but one time she caught the dot.

CAHS Pet Calendar Photo Contest

September – Bear – 2nd Place Voted

Bear came into our lives through adoption in March 2018. He was part of a cull that was going to happen in Northern Saskatchewan & an animal rescue saved many lives that day by bringing them to Alberta. When we saw Bear, we knew he was meant to be a part of our family. We love him to bits, he is the most sweet, gentle, friendly dog with excellent manners that we have had. We are blessed to have Bear in our lives.

CAHS Pet Calendar Photo Contest

October – RD – 3rd Place Voted

RD is a great dog, gentle, friendly, & always ready to go wherever we go. He has been on many adventures with us & he has a way of charming people with his gentle demeanor and sparkling eyes. Just ask our neighbors who welcome RD over for visits when the mood strikes him, always for treats of course. 

CAHS Pet Calendar Photo Contest

November – Oakley – 5th Place Judged

Oakley is a one year old Bernese Mountain Dog. Although he is 120 lbs., he is quite the scaried-cat.  He knows a lot of tricks already & is really smart. He won’t accept treats when we tell him they’re from the dog catcher or Donald Trump, lol! He also loves to have his picture taken!

CAHS Pet Calendar Photo Contest

December – Happy – 1st Place Judged wins December

Happy is a rescue dog from California, adopted in Canada. One day Happy got spooked & bolted from my parent’s yard. He was missing for 7 agonizing weeks & while he was missing HUNDREDS of people in Central AB were looking for him. When he was finally found curled up under a shed, he was severely injured after being hit by a car (we think).  With lots of love & exercise, Happy is almost back to normal. He runs, plays & does all the things dogs love. Happy is a sweet, scrappy little guy who has touched the hearts of lots of people.

CAHS Pet Calendar Photo Contest




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